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frequent Urination at night, nocturia

Frequent Urination At Night – A Great Herbal Cordyceps Tea Could Improve

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Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – A great Herbal Tea for nocturia

Cordyceps tea could improve frequent urination at night, Cordyceps from nature is an excellent herb for all types of ailments.  It is an exotic medicinal mushroom with a reputation of being a precious longevity-promoting herb across Asia.

The natural habitat of Cordyceps has been terribly affected by over- exploration and urbanization.  The yield of natural Cordyceps has depleted to the extent that wild Cordyceps costs over $30,000 per kg.  This makes it not only endangered but also unaffordable for almost everyone.

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea has 6 times higher active ingredients such as Adenosine and Cordycepin.  These Superfood elements have optimal levels beyond the Wild Cordyceps and its continuous use can lead to an improvement in controlling frequent urination at night.

Cordyceps Scientific Health Facts

Cordyceps (Scientific Name: C. Sinensis) also known as Dongchongxiacao (winter-worm summer-grass) in Chinese, is one of the most famous traditional medicinal mushrooms in Asia.  It contains Cordycepin, which is known to boost our immune system and is a great remedy for frequent urination in men and women. 

What is nocturia and how Cordyceps helps in Its Relief

Nocturia commonly known as frequent urination disorder is a condition in which you wake up multiple times during the night due to frequent urination compulsion.

On average 1 in 3 adults over the age of 30 experience nocturia in their life.  The rate of people affected by infrequent urination problems usually increases with age.  Nocturia can be caused by a lifestyle habit or an underlying health problem of an individual. 

Nocturia in Men

Earlier Nocturia was most regarded as a male problem due to an enlarged prostate or an unstable & overactive bladder.  The problem tends to start earlier in men than women do.

Frequent Urination in Women

Frequent urination in woman no longer is considered a men-only problem.  Frequent urination in woman is a significant health concern, which is associated with substantial ill health issues and also decreases the quality of life.  It causes poor sleep quality and has been found to negatively affect household work, activities, and exercise, Taking Cordyceps Tea could improve frequent urination in woman

Symptoms of frequent urination at night

  • Incomplete urine emptying: A constant sensation of not emptying your bladder completely even after you finish urinating.
  • Urination Frequency: A need to urinate again in less than two hours.
  • Intermittency of urination: The stream tends to start and stop several times during urination.
  • The urgency in urination: Very difficult to delay urination or in trying to “holding it” until you reach the washroom.
  • Weak Urinating stream: The stream is very weak and may usually “dribble” when urinating.
  • Straining to urinate: Need to push or strain to start urinating.
  • Waking up multiple times a night to urinate.

Frequent Urination Causes

  • Polyuria:

When your body makes too much urine and you urinate >3,000mL in 24 hours.  The frequent urination causes here is too much water has been filtered by your kidneys. 

  • Nocturnal polyuria:

Your body makes high volumes of urine during the night.  The urine volume is usually decreased in the day.

  • Bladder storage problems:

The frequent urination causes is when the bladder does not store or release urine well from your body.

  • Mixed nocturia:

This happens when there is a combination of the above problems.

The best anti-nocturia remedy – Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea

If you always feel an urgency to urinate, ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea aids you to relieve the symptom of frequent urination and helps you with a good night’s sleep.  We have many testimonials from our satisfied clients across the world. 

Frequent urination causes not only affects your sleep but also the quality of life and work.  The best remedy is to take Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea regularly and feel the difference in your overall well-being.

How does Cordyceps work

To stop frequent urination and nocturia problems your kidneys and bladder should be in good health.  Many bioactive components in Cordyceps such as polysaccharide, nucleoside, sterol, amino acid, protein, polypeptide, etc help in alleviating the problems and giving a good night’s sleep. 

Cordyceps also has a special compound known as Cordycepin that exhibits significant therapeutic uses.

Studies also show that Cordyceps also have many anti-inflammatories, antioxidant, antitumor, immunomodulatory, etc, properties that are very good for your kidneys and bladder’s health.

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea Testimonials

Check out our customers’ testimonials and reviews here

Method of Preparation

Method 1

Take one sachet of Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea, place in a cup, and pour hot water and drink it.  Instantly refreshing, good taste and good aroma.

Method 2

You can top up 2 to 3 cups to dilute and enjoy in sips.

Method 3

If you are too busy and need to rush to work, just eat the tea directly for a refreshing start in the morning.

Take one to maximum two Cordcyeps Tea Sachets per day, take more unless you are very sick or if you have a lot of trouble, you can take 4 to 8 bags of tea sachets.


Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is a superfood that has a superior and premium quality of Cordyceps with 6 times higher amounts of Adenosine and Cordycepin to replenish the health of your Kidney and bladder.

Drink Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea one to two Sachets to feel the difference in your overall well-being and get the most of its concentrated formula of super active ingredients – Adenosine and Cordycepin.

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