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Insomnia – Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is Best for Sleep, Sleep Well, Good Sleep, and Better Sleep

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Insomnia – Cordyceps Tea is good for sleep, sleep well, good sleep and better sleep

Cordyceps used in traditional Chinese and Asian medicines is well-known as a superfood remedy for a stronger immune system, more stamina, improved endurance, and an amazing effect for insomnia, good for sleep, sleep well, good sleep and better sleep.

Health enthusiasts vouch for it and eminent traditional scholars guarantee its remarkable potential to induce sleep, sleep well, good sleep and  better sleep and have an overall impact on the the wellbeing of the human body.
Wild Cordyceps are mainly found in the high elevations of Tibet and China while India, Nepal, and Bhutan have lesser quantities.

The sad news is that wild Cordyceps are overexploited and due to its high price tag (almost $50000 per Kg); it is also known as Himalayan Gold.
Zane finest Cordyceps are specially produced in labs and do not harm the natural eco-system. Unlike wild Cordyceps, Zane finest Cordyceps is affordable and has 6 times higher bioactive ingredients such as Adenosine and Cordycepin than the wild Cordyceps.

Common names of Cordyceps in Different Countries 

Cordyceps& scientific names are Cordyceps Sinensis, Ophiocordyceps Sinensis (renamed 2007), and Sphaeria Sinensis.

Cordyceps common names in China include Dong Chong Zia Cao, Emperor’s Fungus, Jinshuibao Jiaonang, Jinshuibao Pian, and Hsia Ts’Ao Tung Ch’Ung.

Other common English names for Cordyceps are Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Caterpillar mushroom, Caterpillar fungus, and Vegetable Caterpillar.

In Tibet, other names for Cordyceps are Yarsagumba or Yartsa gunbu.

Keeda Jadi is the common name for Cordyceps in India.
In Bhutan, Cordyceps is also called Yartsa Goenbub and Yartsa gunbu – similar to Tibet.
The common names for Cordyceps in Japan are Tochukas or Tōchūkasō, Semitake, and Emperor’s Fungus.


Cordyceps Tea – TCM for Insomnia, Sleep Well, Good Sleep and Better Sleep

In Traditional Chinese Medicinal tonics, Cordyceps is the star ingredient. It’s Yin and Yang properties are known to build strength, intellectual abilities, induce sleep well and better sleep, and have a positive impact on the overall health of a person because of sleep and good sleep.

As per TCM, Cordyceps lies in the Yang Deficiency category – by nature, it is Warm and tastes sweet. 
It is important to note that a productive day is key to a good night’s sleep, sleep well and good sleep.


Cordcyeps tea for Insomnia – how to sleep, sleep well, good sleep and better sleep?

In simple words, insomnia is a common sleep disorder, which can make it very hard for you to sleep, sleep well and good sleep.

You may also have trouble falling asleep or have a better sleep or may wake up too early and would not be able to go back to sleep.

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep and good sleep at the night. However, there are no hard and fast rules to have a better sleep, It really depends from person to person.

There are two common sleep disorders associated with Insomnia:

1) Acute Insomnia:

This is a short-term sleep disorder that usually lasts for a few days or weeks. Common causes of not having a good sleep include stress or a recent traumatic event.

2) Chronic Insomnia:

This type of sleep disorder may last for a longer time. Typically at least 3 nights a week for three months or more. There could
also be an underlying condition causing chronic insomnia.

These are further subdivided into two more types.

Primary Insomnia:

The sleep disorder is not related or linked to any other health condition.

Secondary Insomnia:

The sleep disorder is due to an underlying health condition. Some of these may include arthritis, asthma, depression, etc. If you are unable to sleep for a long time, kindly do consult a doctor to rule out any serious condition.

Symptoms of Insomnia (Sleep disorder)

Few symptoms of Insomnia or sleep disorder include:

  • Difficult to sleep at night
  • Constantly waking up during the night or waking too early
  • Tired even after a night’s sleep
  • Depression, Irritability, or anxiety due to lack of sleep or tiredness
  • Difficulty remembering or focusing on tasks
  • Increased errors or accidents due to lack of sleep and tiredness


Common causes of Insomnia (Sleep disorder)

  • Stress
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, or temperature
  • Changes to lifestyle habits or shift in work schedule
  • Eating too much in the late hours of the evening
  • A nonproductive or idle day

Other causes of insomnia include:

  • Anxiety disorder or depression
  • Medications
  • Health conditions such as pain, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, (GERD) gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.
  • Sleep apnea
  • Caffeine, nicotine, alert medications, and alcohol


Preventing Insomnia – have a good sleep and sleep well

Acute insomnia may not require any special treatments. Good sleeping habits and a healthy diet are key to have good sleep, better sleep and sleep well

  • Try to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time in the morning – even during the weekends.
  • Check medications that may cause insomnia.
  • Avoid midday naps or limit them.
  • Try to avoid too much caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine (smoking).
  • Do not eat large meals before bedtime.
  • Do not use the phone in bed or watch TV. It is better to remove any
    distractions from the bedroom.
  • Stay active and have a productive day. This is one of the major factors for insomnia. Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea gives you the extra energy and stamina to be active throughout the day and this helps in treating insomnia.


Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – A great Insomnia remedy – for sleep, sleep well, good sleep and better sleep

Insomnia not only affects your well-being and health but also creates setbacks in your career and work. The sleep disorder keeps you fatigued and stressed out all throughout the day.

Being constantly tired and unproductive at work is the worst thing possible not to mention the bad reputation that it brings to your name and directly affects your business/work.

The first step towards combating insomnia is having a full productive day.

In order for a good night’s sleep, sleep well and good sleep. the human body should feel tired at the night not during the day!
Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea boosts your stamina and keeps you active during the day hours so that you can accomplish more.
In addition, studies suggest that the bioactive compound adenosine in Cordycepin increases non-rapid eye movement that helps in transitioning to sleep, sleep well, good sleep and better sleep.

Other factors that influence sleep patterns in the human body are cold and warmth.

Too much cold in the body prevents you from getting a full night’s sleep. As per TCM, Cordyceps tends to help people with too much cold in their body by providing warmth inside.

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is a great remedy for insomnia. The tea is refreshing with a delicious taste that is sure to entice your palate.

Works wonders against insomnia and the 6-x bioactive adenosine levels help in transitioning to a night of good sleep, sleep well and better sleep, Check our reviews and testimonials here.


How does Cordyceps Tea make you Sleep and Sleep Well, Good Sleep and Better Sleep?

There are many bioactive components in Cordyceps that include polysaccharide, nucleoside, sterol, amino acid, protein, polypeptide, etc. Studies show that they have many anti-inflammatories, antioxidant, antitumor, immunomodulatory, etc,
properties. These properties help in relieving the effects of pain and tiredness which induces better sleep.

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea Testimonials

Check out our customers’ testimonials and reviews here


Method of Preparation

Method 1

Take one sachet of Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea, place in a cup, pour hot water, and drink it. Instantly refreshing.

Method 2

You can top up 2 to 3 cups to dilute and enjoy in sips.

Method 3

If you are, too busy and need to rush to work, just eat the tea directly for a refreshing start in the morning. 

Cordyceps Tea Video – How to Prepare 


Cordyceps Tea Conclusion

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is a superfood that has 6 times higher active ingredients of Adenosine that may help you with Insomnia and give you a good night’s sleep.

Drink Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea as soon as you wake up in the morning to have a productive day and for  good sleep and better sleep  in the night. – Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – A great Herbal Tea for Insomnia

Get your favorite tea here now. 

Cordcyeps Tea Video – with Fresh Milk, Eary Grey Tea, Ice Milo, Lemon Water, Cappuccino Coffee, Fruit Juice

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