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Hangover – Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is good at it

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – The Best for Hangover

Cordyceps the superfood is a gift from Mother Nature that forms the integral element in the Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea.  It is a well-known hangover remedies across Asia and is a very valuable herb.

The history of Cordyceps is deeply connected to the civilization of Asia, predominantly China, since the ancient ages.  Cordyceps are extensively used as rejuvenating supplements in Traditional Chinese and Asian Medicines for thousands of years and due to its rarity, this rare element of vitality is worth more than its weight in gold.


Cordyceps Scientific Facts

The all-natural Cordyceps herbal medicine is recommended for “every type of illness out there”, especially by Chinese and Indian Traditional healers who have been practicing the art of curative healings since millennials. 

It is a genus of fungi that is only found 4500 meters above sea level on the high Alps of the Himalaya in the Chinese and Tibetan region. 

Tiny bits of Cordyceps are hand-collected, dried, and used for different ailments such as fatigue, kidney disease, hangover remedies, liver disease, low sex drive, etc.


What is a Hangover and how Cordyceps helps in Its Relief – hangover remedy

A hangover refers to a group of unpleasant signs and symptoms that result from drinking alcohol.  This usually tends to happen the next day.  It has an awful feeling to it and frequent hangovers also affect our lifestyle &work and are the reason for poor performance in all aspects of life. 

Generally, the more alcohol you drink the more likely the increase in hangovers, which can last upto another 24 hours.  The hangover results due to several reasons that include dehydration, poor sleep, inflammation, and electrolyte imbalances. 

Hangover cure and hangover remedies in allopathy are limited, however; there are great options in the herbal world.


Symptoms of Hangover and hangover remedy

The symptoms of a hangover usually start as soon as alcohol levels in the blood drastically fall to nearly zero.  They are usually in full effect in the morning.  Symptoms depend on the amount and type of alcohol you may have had.  These include but are not limited to.

  • Weakness accompanies by Fatigue
  • Sudden Excessive thirst with a dry mouth
  • Throbbing Headaches and intense muscle aches
  • Nausea followed by vomiting and stomach pain
  • Decreased and disturbing sleep
  • An increased in sensitivity to light &sounds
  • Dizziness with a sense of the room spinning around you
  • Trembles
  • Inability or decrease in concentration
  • Depression, anxiety, and sudden irritability


Reducing Hangover Symptoms and Hangover cure

  • Drinking a lot of water: This will reduce dehydration caused by alcohol.
  • Eating nutritious foods that give your body: nutrients, and antioxidants.This can aid recovery from the hangover.
  • Fruits have fructose that may help your body to break down alcohol components.
  • Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea: The best hangover remedy


The only thing in your Hangover Kit – Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea

No one likes a hangover after a good weekend.  Especially hangovers at work is the worst thing possible not to mention the bad reputation it tends to bring to your name and work ethics. 

The best therapy for hangover is drinking Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea Keeping a stock of this tea in your hangover kit is the smartest thing to reduce hangover.  Nothing jolts you back to reality like a rebound from the Cordyceps Tea.  


Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – The Hangover Killer

Our Special Proprietary Formula

With our breakthrough technology, we have produced ZANE Finest Cordyceps Superfood, which has 6 times higher active ingredients such as Adenosine and Cordycepin that have optimal levels beyond the Wild Cordyceps.

Our proprietary formula provides a foundation for physical and spiritual wellness with synchronicity, which makes our Cordyceps Superfood tea the best in the market.

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is the best hangover killer in the market.  It is refreshing and has a delicious taste that is sure to entice your palate.

Works like a charm against a bad hangover and lowers your BAC by almost 40% quicker.  Check our reviews and testimonials here.


How does Cordyceps work

There are many bioactive components in Cordyceps that include polysaccharide, nucleoside, sterol, amino acid, protein, polypeptide, etc.  Studies show that they have many anti-inflammatories, antioxidant, antitumor, immunomodulatory, etc, properties. These properties help in relieving the effects and pain caused due to hangovers.


Other Medicinal Properties of Cordyceps

  • Includes Dihydromyricetin that drastically reduces Hangover symptoms
  • Increases alcohol digestion and metabolism while enhancing Liver and heart Functions
  • Loaded with High levels of antioxidants, flavonoids,and amino acids, which neutralize toxins & free radicals from alcohol consumption.
  • Give a sudden burst of alertness and mental clarity while still feeling euphoric

Cordyceps superfood

ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea is a perfect, ready to drink high strength, high efficacy convenience superfood. 



Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea Testimonials

Check out our customers’ testimonials and reviews here

Method of Preparation

Method 1

Take one sachet of Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea, place in a cup and pour hot water and drink it.  Instantly refreshing.

Method 2

You can top up 2 to 3 cups to dilute and enjoy in sips.

Method 3

If you are too busy and need to rush to work, just eat the tea directly for a refreshing start in the morning




Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is a superfood that has 6 times higher active ingredients of Adenosine and Cordycepin to protect the Brain (neuro-protective) and Liver (hepatic-protective) from the toxins produced due to alcohol metabolism (acetaldehyde).

Drink or Eat Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea as soon as you wake up in the morning for the hangover help and get the most out of it,  

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea – The Best for Hangover, drink Cordyceps Tea with hot water or Eat it,  see the Hangover and headache disappear in 30 minutes.

Get your favorite Cordyceps Tea here now.

6 Cordyceps Tea LifeStyle – ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea

ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea with Fresh Milk,  Earl Grey Tea, Milo,  Lemon Water,   Cappuccino Coffee and Fruit Juice

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