QI, Stamina and Agility - cordyceps tea and Qi Gong

Qi, Stamina and Agility – ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea is the Best Remedy

Qi, Stamina and Agility – Cordyceps Tea is a Good Remedy

A precious gift from nature, the Cordyceps is an excellent remedy for many ailments. Prominent Chinese and East-Asian herbalists vouch for the amazing effects of Cordyceps on Qi and Stamina of a person.
Natural Cordyceps is precious and endangered. Over-Exploitation of this exotic medicinal mushroom has made the wild variety to cost over $30,000 per kg (2.2 pounds). Some wild Cordyceps can sell for $ 50,000 per kg!
Zane Finest Cordyceps is the answer to this dilemma. This special Cordyceps Militaris is produced in a lab in an eco-friendly process and does not harm the natural environment.
In addition, Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea has 6 times higher active ingredients such as Adenosine and Cordycepin than the ones found in the wild. Its continuous use can lead to increased Qi and Agility across the whole body and optimum stamina levels.


Cordyceps Scientific Health Facts | What is Qi as per Traditional Medicine| It’s effects on stamina and agility

Commonly known as Dongchongxiacao (winter-worm summer-grass) in Chinese and the Emperor’s fungus in Japan, the Cordyceps (Scientific Name: C. Sinensis) is one of the most famous traditional medicinal mushrooms used across Asia.
It contains Cordycepin, which is known to boost our immune system and according to eminent herbal scholars has great healing effects on your Qi, Stamina and Agility.

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is important spiritual energy that circulates through the human body at all times – physically, psychologically, and spiritually.
The concepts of TCM and Qi are deeply rooted in ancient Chinese practices.
These include herbal medicinal remedies, acupuncture, and various types of exercises such as qigong, tai chi, etc.
It emphasizes that a person must have a balanced Qi to experience equilibrium in life and free oneself from physical & mental issues.
Imbalance in Qi energies could lead to exhaustion, weakness, and low immunity, stamina and agility.
Most skilled traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners consider that the Qi deficiency is directly linked to spleen related symptoms such as fatigue, spontaneous sweating, etc.


Symptoms of Bad Qi –  Cordyceps Tea to boost Qi, stamina and Agility

In simple words, Qi is an energy that is associated with everything surrounding us and within us. Qi deficiency means low energy.
When Qi energy is low, it can negatively affect the whole human body or specific organs that can cause various symptoms.
The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences suggests that the following signs are symptoms to diagnose a qi deficiency

  • Fatigue – Constant Tiredness
  • Low Stamina
  • Bloating and loose stools
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Weak Immune system
  • No desire to talk much
  • Too much sweating
  • A Swollen tongue with teeth marks on either side
  • A noticeable weak pulse


Why Good Qi is important and its 5 functions

In the human body, Qi has five major functions.

1) Protects:

In traditional Asian medicine, Wei Qi is the Qi that protects your body from disease and pathogens. Wei Qi is based on genetic buildup and lifestyle habits. A good diet and adequate rest are key to generating good Wei Qi.

2) Warms:

People with low Qi energy constantly feel chills and can catch a cold easily. Sufficient amounts of Qi are required to maintain body temperate.

3) Holds:

Chinese medicinal scholars stress the fact that adequate Qi is required to hold all the organs in place and blood in the blood vessels.

4) Transforms:

As per TCM (Traditional Chinese Scholars) Qi is required to transform nutrients from food into more Qi and other vital substances. Qi deficiency may slow down your digestion and increase loose stools.

5) Transports:

When food is ingested, all its nutrients should be transported to vital areas. TCM states that good Qi energy is required for all the transportation to take place in your body.


Causes of Bad Qi

Qi normally depletes and buildups in a normal day to day cycle. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle to replenish it constantly.

As per TCM, aging is a major factor that increases Qi deficiency. Other factors of Qi insufficiency include, constantly working, leading busy lives, and no time to relax or sleep.
This leads to decreased stamina and leaves you stressed out.


Qi Deficiency Remedies

Qi Gong, Good Food Diet and Cordyceps Tea

Qi Gong practics and Including healthy food in your diet is the first step to boost your Qi energy. It is best to avoid too much oil and trans fat in your food to enhance your stamina.
Foods to eat for great Qi and improved stamina:

  • Protein:

Human body comprises mostly Protein and what better way than to get it from meat.

Meat not only gives you important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but also increases Qi, Stamina and Agility,  Source Feel constantly tired and out of stamina due to low protein intake? Try the ZANE Cordyceps Bak Kut Teh or the ZANE Cordyceps Salt-Baked Chicken to replenish your Qi and improve your stamina and agility

  • ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea

As per TCM’s, one of the best natural remedies to treat Qi deficiency and Stamina exhaustion is by using Cordyceps in your diet.
It has two vital bioactive compounds that help in the overall health of the human body.

1) Cordycepin:

This bioactive compound works by increasing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant levels in the body which produces positive effects on cognitive functions, gastrointestinal health, blood circulation, etc. 

2) Adenosine:

The human body also produces natural adenosine that has varied functions such as maintain cellular physiology and activity, protecting against inflammation, etc. 

Other foods include plenty of green vegetables, salmon, ginger, lentils, oats, root vegetables, miso soup, pumpkin, etc.


How to Improve Qi, Stamina and Agility – Stamina Exercise, Agility Exercise and Qi Gong

regular Running, Swimming, Cycling and walking are all good stamina exercise and agility exercise, Qi Gong practics mind body exercise which requires the interaction of breathing and concentration, there are  three areas that are integrated into Qi Gong- body (movement and posture), breath (respiratory) and mind (meditative).


Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea– Boost your stamina & Enhance your Qi (Chi) and Agility

Our Special Proprietary Formula

Zane finest Cordyceps tea is an excellent source of Cordycepin and Adenosine. With six times more concentration of these bioactive compounds, Zane finest Cordyceps tea not only helps in boosting your immune system but also fights against constant fatigue and builds up your Qi.
Our proprietary formula provides a foundation for physical and spiritual wellness with synchronicity, which makes our Cordyceps Superfood tea the best in the market.
Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is the best stamina booster, Qi and Agility enhancer in the market. It is refreshing and has a delicious taste that is sure to entice your palate. Works perfectly against tiredness and boosts your Qi for better health. Check our reviews and testimonials here.

How does Cordyceps Work?

There are many bioactive components in Cordyceps that include polysaccharide, nucleoside, sterol, amino acid, protein, polypeptide, etc.

Studies show that they have many anti-inflammatories, antioxidant, antitumor, immunomodulatory, etc, properties. 
These properties help in relief against increased stress levels and improve the Qi quality in the body. 


Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea Testimonials

Check out our customers’ testimonials and reviews.


Method of Preparation

Method 1

Take one sachet of Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea, place in a cup, and pour hot water and drink it. Instantly refreshing.

Method 2

You can top up 2 to 3 cups to dilute and enjoy in sips.

Method 3

If you are too busy and need to rush to work, just eat the tea directly for a refreshing start in the morning.


Cordyceps Tea Video – How to Prepare


Cordyceps Tea Conclusion

Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea is a superfood that has 6 times higher active ingredients of Adenosine and Cordycepin to warm up your spleen and increase energy flow in the body. 
Drink Zane Finest Cordyceps Tea as soon as you wake up boost up your stamina and increase your Qi production and flow. – Zane Finest Cordyceps – Tea That Infuses Qi

Get your favorite tea here now.


Cordcyeps Tea Video – with Fresh Milk, Earl Grey Tea, Ice Milo, Lemon Water, Cappuccino Coffee, Fruit Juice

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