Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice – How To Make Singapore Chicken Rice in 15 minutes


Chicken Rice with Cordyceps Salt Baked chicken 

ZANE Cordyceps Salt baked Chicken with Hakka Salt Baked Chicken recipe is a perfect Sous Vide cooked healthy food with chicken so tender that’s similar to the chicken of Hainanese Chicken rice. The ZANE Cordyceps Salt Baked Chicken gravy could be used to cook the most popular Chicken Rice  Singapore style, see the video step by step instruction how we use the  Cordyceps  salt baked chicken gravy for the chicken rice recipe.


Hainanese Chicken rice
Hainanese Chicken rice
Singapore Chicken rice

Cordyceps Chicken Rice Recipe and Hainanese Chicken Rice ingredients

This is our Chicken Rice Recipe and we will show you step by step instruction., see the video for details.

Below is the ingredient

  1. ZANE Cordyceps Salt-Baked Chicken
  2. Rice
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Ginger
  5. Garlic
  6. Salt

Chicken Rice


Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe


Chicken rice recipe – This Video will show you how to cook chicken rice (or  hainanese chicken rice ), with all the detail of chicken rice ingredients, All in 15 minutes.

More Video at ZANE Elixir youtube Channel

ZANE Cordyceps Salt Baked Chicken Singaopre –  20 curated side recipes and menu ideas Video playlists

Indulge in this over 20 choices of curated side recipes and menu ideas, if you have 10 minutes to scroll through social media, you sure have 10 minutes to make a Salt Baked Chicken Recipe healthy meal at home, parties or gatherings,  we compile this list of tips to make every time spent in the kitchen a successful one.

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