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How could you reclaim life’s happiest, most valuable possession – your health? The answer is simple with ZANE Finest Cordyceps.  Now you can enjoy the ZANE Finest Cordyceps Superfood, which uses a traditional wild Cordyceps, cultivated using groundbreaking, patented technology to create a highly concentrated formula. The Singapore-based ZANE Pte Ltd. has produced an all-natural product to improve various maladies. Discover the wonderful benefits of ZANE Finest Cordyceps.

“What is a Superfood?”

Mother Nature is simply amazing. She creates much of what we need to live a good, healthy life. Unfortunately, some natural plants are not potent enough to be effectively used as wellness supplements. This is where man-made ingenuity can help.

A prime example is the wild Cordyceps, which grows in Nepal, Tibet and China. As early as the 15th century, Cordyceps was being used to improve wellness. ZANE has concentrated higher active ingredients – Adenosine and Cordycepin – to create a Superfood.

Experience Innovation

ZANE scientists have used a patented, state-of-the-art processing technology (MECT) to simulate the native Tibetan environment:

  1. Selected from the best species of original Tibetan Cordyceps
  2. Stringent process control on Cordyceps cultivation, and
  3. Concentrated active ingredients that give the efficacy of the traditional herbs.

In fact, the active ingredients are reinstated to create the ZANE Finest Cordyceps.

Natural Healthy Products

The most beneficial aspect of Chinese medicine is its efficacy. There are not really any lingering questions concerning whether an herb works or not. Natural herbal products are superior that does not have any serious negative side effects are what most consumers love. There are no growth stimulants or man-made chemical in this ZANE product.

Technology, innovation and health equity

Innovative technological advancements have enabled ZANE to create a tremendous Superfood. The higher active ingredients of Adenosine and Cordycepin increase the levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in your body. ATP is used for energy transfer, aerobic respiration and cell division.

A strong immune system and rejuvenating energy is at the foundation of living a healthy life. This is why our product is built around immune modulation, energy enhancement and restoration. Researchers have uncovered many benefits of wild Cordyceps, such as improved diabetics, improved cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, improved frequent night urination and so much more.

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