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ZANE has an innovative product for the health and wellness food market : a proprietary and patented formula, ZANE Finest Cordyceps that is ready to take the market by storm. The Cordyceps is a well-known and long-revered kind of mushroom, and it has long been considered as a form of medicinal herb in classical pharmacology from Asia such as in the ancient Chinese and Tibetan traditions. Our product is all natural and highly soluble in hot water for an exceptionally smooth and refreshing taste and to ensure easy absorption into the body.

ZANE uses proprietary technology to simulate the Tibetan high elevation mountain conditions in which this mushroom originally grew and prospered without the expense and ecological danger of trying to harvest on location in Tibet. This controlled environment guarantees that no harmful pathogens enter into the presence of the growing seedlings and ensures the ingredients used are all natural and non-harmful.

ZANE Finest Cordyceps was developed via years of experience with innovation and research in advanced modern science, traditional Chinese herbal wisdom, pharmacology, mushroom and fungal cultivation and benefits. Years of work was put into developing this product, and the outcome resulting in something greater than a pure superfood with a higher concentration of active ingredients that are proven to increase adenosine triphosphate (better known as “ATP”) production. ATP is known as the energy supply for organic cell’s functioning, and in this way an improvement in ATP production is an improvement in your body’s energy at the cellular level.

ZANE Finest Cordyceps is all natural, chemical-free and has no growth stimulants used in its high technology cultivation process from the wild mushroom. With higher levels of Adenosine and Cordycepin per gram, the ZANE product is even more beneficial than the naturally occurring one, and is produced under the auspices of the Singapore Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

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