Mr Keith Koh (Singapore)

Male, 41 years old, 87kg, 1.8m, Smoker, Don’t work out at all

Lowered Blood Pressure / Improved Frequent Night Urination / Improved Sleep / Improved Backache / Recover Quickly after Hangover

Before taking the cordyceps

  • My blood reading was at SYS140+/DIA100+.
  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning, especially after having alcohol the night before
  • Frequent nightly toilet breaks
  • Backaches when I feel tired.

After one month of consumption

  • After 7 days – SYS130+/DIA90+, after 14days – SYS120+/DIA80+
  • My sleep is back to normal,
  • Less toilet breaks
  • I wake up in the morning feel very fresh, even if I have alcohol the night before.
  • I can feel an increase in my stamina.
  • I don’t feel tired nor need afternoon nab.

After taking cordycep, it really feels like I’m going back to my younger days