Maricel Villalobos (From Philippines, living in Singapore

Female, 25 yrs old

Improved Urinary Tract Infection / Improved Sleep

Two years ago, before I came here to Singapore, I was in our country Philippines. I was sick for almost 1 week with a headache, stomach ache, dizziness, nausea, high fever and almost my whole body was in pain.

Then, I decided to check up with a doctor and he examined my urine and the found out that I have a (UTI) Urinary tract infection, and the doctor said that there was puss in my urine. He gave me at least 5 different kinds of medicines for  temporary pain relief.

Sir Kevin recommended me to try the ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea.

Then, for the first 2 days of drinking the Cordyceps tea, I felt that I would collapse because of the pain. I have a headache, stomach ache, I want to vomit, I feel sleepy and I need to poop 4-5 times a day.

But, I already slept well at night. Then, the pain disappeared. I continued drinking Cordyceps tea until the present and feel good and better already.

As one of the people who tried this Cordyceps tea, I can say and assure that Finest Cordyceps Tea is one of the products that help everyone believe that nothing is impossible.  Try this to make your disease, sickness, pain disappear.