Lim Teck Ming (Brunei)

Male, 52 years old, 77kg, 1.68m,

Improved Diabetes and Lower Blood Sugar / Improved Immune System / Feel Warm and Less Fatigued / Improved Sleep / Improved Urine Flow

I have been drinking cordycep tea for the past 3 weeks.

• The first week of consumption, I definitely felt it strengthened my immune system.
• I tend to get cold easily, but not anymore!
• I also realized there were improvements in the reduction 
of fatigue.
• It made me a sounder sleeper at night.
• Lastly, my urination became on a lot more fluent.
• Unlike earlier, where it felt like there was a lot of urine in my bladder even after peeing.

Before taking cordycep

• Glucose reading 10.3 dated 10/3/16
• Start taking Cordycep on 7/4/16


After taking Cordycep 0.5g per day x 30 days

• Glucose reading 7.5 dated 24/5/16