Karen Tan (Malaysia)

Female, 33, 1.6m, 53kg

Improved Asthma / Energetic and Rejuvenated / Body Felt Warmer / Helped Lose Weight


  • I have been drinking ZANE for the past 1 week.
  • Was very tired during the day as I have to breastfeed every night.
  • Couldn’t focus on simple daily routine and at work.
  • Will catch cold easily.
  • need Ventolin (for asthma) before sleep for the past 5 months


  • Now I can multitask at work even when I’m still breastfeeding during the night. Not feeling tired and sleepy anymore.
  • Body is warmer and I also lost 3kg in two weeks time.
  • Constipation problem improved tremendously
  • I don’t need the Ventolin anymore