Jason Liew (Malaysia)

Male, 40 yrs, 1.65m, 100kg

Improved Gout / Feel Energetic and Rejuvenated / Improved Frequent Night Urination / Helped to Lose Weight


  • Easily tired
  • After lunch, I feel very sleepy
  • Every night, wake up 3 times for toilet break
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Suffering from gout / high Uric Acid for the last 5 years

I have tried many ways and methods of health supplements for my problems, but none helped.  Until my business partner, Mr Jeff Ng, insisted I try ZANE and below are my results



  • More energetic and alert during the whole day through
  • Don’t feel tired easily after lunch
  • Able to sleep through the whole night without visiting the toilet in between after 4 weeks
  • Able to lose some weight and can feel that my face and body getting firmer
  • My gout never returned after 6 weeks of consuming ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea 2 bags per day