Chang Hui (Vietnam)

Female, 36 yrs old, Housewife

Improved Uterus Tumor Pain / Improved Frequent Night Urination / Improved Appetite / Improved Sleep / Feel Energetic and Rejuvenated

I am a Vietnamese Chinese, I am 36 years old. I have a uterus tumor and every month during my period I suffer a lot (3 to 5 days), I don’t want to eat, I have tummy pain, throw up and I get up many times to pee at night and I cannot sleep well.

After my husband introduced me to ZANE Finest Cordyceps tea, I am now much more energetic and have much better sleep and my waist pain has gone. Now during my period I don’t suffer from bad sleep or frequent urination or tummy pain, I have no need for pain killers. Thanks Zane!