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About Us

We did not create Cordyceps but we perfected itTM

Here at ZANE, we’re truly passionate and understand the true value of holistic and natural approach to wellness and active aging.  We’ve unlocked the secret to health rejuvenation through scientific innovation and patented proprietary processes to set new standards with nature-based extracts that exhibit demonstrable results.

We understand the true value of natural approaches to holistic health. With the incorporation and careful integration of advanced technology and breakthrough innovations aimed at the transformation of traditional medicine, we’re able to create modern, and easy-to-use products for our loyal customers.

Holistic & Natural Approach to Wellness and Active Aging

ZANE has produced ZANE Finest Cordyceps which is the perfect 100% natural product to help you improve the quality of your life, vitality and beauty.  ZANE Finest Cordyceps is a proprietary formula packed with the goodness of nature but at 6 times the concentration of Adenosine and Cordycepin.  Thanks to the higher levels of Adenosine and Cordycepin content, you’ll enjoy a boost to your immune system and increase your own body’s natural resistance to environmental stress.

We believe that nature is the best healer. That’s why our product uses only the most natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended.  We have invested in extensive research and development in the cultivation of ZANE Finest Cordyceps to be done only under the most optimal conditions, ensuring the product is 100% pure (non-GMO).  We also use our revolutionary patented technology in order to create the most perfect product we can.

ZANE Finest Cordyceps is the #1 Superfood that contains higher levels of nature’s most powerful active ingredients (based by official testing in Singapore) than all the other competition in the market.

Jumpstart & Reset your Health!

Here’s our commitment:

  • We use 100% natural plant-extracted ingredients in everything we produce, with no added preservatives, no artificial colouring and no flavouring to our product.
  • Our product is of the highest and most premium quality in the world. Thanks to our technology and innovation, our product possesses higher concentrations of the most natural ingredients possible.
  • Food safety is our #1 priority to ensure that our product is safe for public consumption. GMP Quality Standards, ISO 22000 & HACCP Food Quality with Halal certification from Muis Singapore.  Our product has been tested in Singapore to comply within the limits on microbial and also within the limits of toxic heavy metal.
  • We offer a compact and convenient nutrition on-the-go. Our product comes in a sachet that’s individual sealed to lock in the natural goodness and freshness that’s free from preservatives.  It’s very tasty and can be eaten after opening the sachet; be brewed as a tea or even added into soup and porridge to enable the nutrients are immediately absorbed by the body for better and faster results.

We seek to help our customers by offering the highest quality and highest efficiacy products in the market.  We care that our customers are always satisfied with our product, while at the same time, enriching their health through innovation. The premium quality of our product and happiness of our customers will always be our top priority!


ZANE Pte Ltd, central headquarters is located in beautiful Singapore.